Is England going to lead the crypto world?

A study conducted by big innovation Center, Dag Global and Deep Knowledge Analytics indicates that England will soon become the crypto and blockchain leader of the world. The research finds that England has the technological and industrial means to become a leader in the field of blockchain.

It turns out that England invested 500 million pounds in 2017, which only strengthened England's position in this early stage of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Big Innovation Center is saying that the British parliament supports the idea of blockchain. It goes so far that the parliament is prepared to offer government support to advance the innovations in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Dag Global thinks that there is less trouble with the use of cryptocurrency, which means that cryptocurrency and blockchain will increasingly be used more and more. England has also become a major financial leader in recent years and now it shows the same progress in the field of cryptocurrency.


It is clear that England is a big fan of cryptocurrency and blockchain. It goes so far as the English minister Eddie Hughes called on the leaders of England to make cryptocurrency and blockchain a big priority with the main reason, blockchain delivers social freedom and works efficiently.