Malta the place for innovation?

Malta is taking another step forward in the crypto world. Malta has withdrawn 3 laws that will determine the future of the crypto. Now Malta comes with the latest bitcoin cash machine. With this machine it is possible to exchange your bitcoin for euros but also vice versa. The machine can not only be found in Malta but has even been developed in Malta.

The company that developed the machine is a partnership between Leon Siegmund, crypto analyst and businessman Jonas Abrahamson. This company called Moon Zebra aims to make the crypto world much more accessible for the public. 



Siegmund is very enthusiastic about the new bitcoin cash machine, he does not think it's the newest surprising invention, but he does hope that it makes people interested in cryptocurrency.

The idea is something that is not too far-fetched, you see that this is worldwide. For example, there is even a bitcoin cash machine at Schiphol airport that is mainly used by Chinese young people, more about this? Then scroll down for the entire article.