Do you think novogratz is right?

Michael Edward Novogratz also known as Novogratz has missed his prediction that it will take at least 5-6 years before the mass acceptance of cryptocurrency will take place. He says that many new companies and investors will join in the next 3 years. The reason that mass acceptance takes at least 2 years longer is according to Novogratz because you will not see mass acceptance before the user experience does not feel like something new.

The biggest obstacles that has to be overcome are the costs, the technical skills and the doubts of big investors. The reason that the big investors keep their distance is because they do not know much about the new technology yet.

Novogratz also says that it is smart to invest in cryptocurrency. The reason is that he thinks that cryptocurrency and blockchain will play a big role in the future, but says that too few people have started with this because they do not know exactly what crypto and blockchain content. According to Novogratz, you do not have to fully understand the technology, but it is better to think ahead about the opportunities that cryptocurrency and blockchain offer.