Would you trust your money in the Hong Kong vault?

An investment firm from Hong Kong is planning to develop a crypto-custody satisfy the big number of potential customers. And there are plenty of good reasons for doing this.


For example, The Daily states that even billionaire Mike Novogratz expects an influx of several big investment firms into the crypto world, a survey shows that 30 percent of Brazilians want to invest in cryptocurrency and an Australian startup shows what we can do with a large part of the excess tokens that have not achieved the sales numbers that they hoped for.


As mentioned earlier, there are several reasons that the Hong Kong-based investment firm Fusang Investment Office launches its own crypto vault, but for them the biggest reason remains the statement of Mike Novogratz. The big investors simply bring in the most money with them.


Mike Novogratz who earlier this year raised 250 million to launch the Galaxy project that said investors would first invest in venture capital funds before they entered the crytpoworld. He also says that a larger number of investment firms are already involved in the crypto world than you expect because many of them have already invested in Benchmark or many of the other VC funds investing in the crypto world. Step one is set according to Mike does step two mean that the investment firms themselves invest in crypto coins.