The potential of Kinesis.

People always have an argument why they think that cryptocurrency is bad. Most of the time it is because nobody can regulate it or that it is not based on anything but this is not the case with Kinesis. 

When you use Kinesis you can easily buy gold with your smartphone. Gold that is safely stored all around the world in seven different Kinesis vaults around the world. After you have bought your gold it is digitalized whit the blockchain tegnology. Now you can easily send your money to other Kinesis wallets, trade it on the Kinesis exchange or spend it whit the Kinesis debit card. 


The Kinesis token doesn’t only have a great concept the coin itself also has a lot of advantages. The coin is very fast transactions only cost nano seconds and are very cheap as well. The system it uses is the stellar system so powerful that no amount of transactions is too much.


But there are a lot of new coins out there all claiming that they have potential and still fail so how is Kinesis any different? Kinesis is founded by ABX the world’s leading exchange for physical metals a company that has all the expertise. 


People always say don’t buy crypto it is not based on anything well that is a thing of the past because now there is Kinesis a coin with huge potential.