Lesson 2

Setting up the basics.

Before you can really start trading you are going to have to set up a couple of things and work your way up from there. You are going to need capital to invest with and you are going to have to choose the trading platform that is right for you.

Where am I going to trade?

Now you are going to have to choose the exchange you want to trade on. There are a lot of different trading exchanges the most popular Binance. At Coinmarketcap when you click on exchanges you get a good view of all the different exchanges ranked from most popular to least popular. Most people start at the big exchanges because they have the most popular coin which you can trade, the smaller exchanges have a lot of smaller and lesser known coins which a lot of people find scary because of the risk that they might be scams. 

How do I buy Bitcoin?

When it comes to buying Bitcoin it all depends on the amount you want to buy. There are several options one of the most popular is Coinbase. Coinbase is one of the if not the most popular Bitcoin seller in the world. But if for Some reason you can’t buy bitcoin you can also buy it at a different seller like Bittonic of Litebit which is very popular in Europe. Once you have bought your Bitcoins you simply transfer them to the wallet address of the account you have made from the previous step.

The base has been set now it is time to grow your capital.


It doesn’t Mather how much money you have to start as long as you keep developing your stile and don’t give. Everybody can trade as long as you’re willing to learn and don’t give up. If you don’t believe it’s possible than check the video below.