Lesson Five:

How to make your fist trade.

You are almost there, there is only one step left from making your first trade and that is really making it. Once you have managed to succeed in all the other tasks this one is going to be easy but that doesn’t mean you should underestimate it. 

How to place a trade?

In order to make your first trade you are going to have to decide the amount you are going to invest. Once you have done this you click on the coin you want to trade and place the amount under total. Than you choose the price you want to buy it for. You can insert the bidding price, the asking price and the latest price the coin was sold for. You can also insert your own price a smart thing to do is to raise it a bit above the bidding price this way when somebody who sells for the bidding price will fill your order first.

crypto trading

How to keep track of your trade?

Keeping track of your trade is a very easy thing to do. Once you go to orders you can see open and recent orders. This way you can easily click on the coin and have a look at how it is doing. 

How to turn your trading profits into fiat?

Eventually you are going to want to spend your crypto earnings. Even though more and more stores except bitcoin a lot of them still don’t so you are going to have to turn your crypto into fiat. There are a lot of places where you can buy and sell crypto. The best places to sell are the same places mentioned where you can also buy. These platforms are really reliable and for that reason the perfect places to sell.


Remember losing money while starting with trading is something every trader has to go through. The potential trading has is life changing for some but only for those who are up for it, those who don’t quit and develop their own style. Now that the road to your trading career has been laid out it is time to start and do it. We wish you the best of luck.