27. December 2018
When you think of the country’s that are leading you probably think of Malta and how its prime minister proudly speaks at an UN meeting and says, “crypto is the inevitable future of money”. Or more of Switzerland where the SIX just announced they will be adding a crypto ETP fund called HODL5. But where do you think of when you hear Russia? And how powerful is Russia when it comes to cryptocurrency?
15. December 2018
We all know banks are afraid of crypto, they know the potential and the purpose it has. That is why the Dutch Central Bank (de Nederlandse bank) has made plans to regulate crypto companies by requiring them to get licenses in order to operate.

14. December 2018
Some governments see the advantage and others just see the threat crypto brings with it, and not just some. Most of the countries would like to ban or regulate crypto and Some already have. Now the Israeli government has launched an offensive hoping to track down cryptocurrency warning that aren’t reported by Israeli citizens. 
13. December 2018
A lot of people in the crypto community agree on one thing, in order to make the price of bitcoin rise we are going to need the mass adoption to take place and in order to achieve this we need institutional investors to step in the game. There has been a lot of talk around the subject of traditional investors and banks stepping in but are these jus roomers or is the mass adoption closer than we think?

12. December 2018
Some great news has recently come up in the crypto community. The Swiss exchange also known as SIX has announced they will be offering the world’s first multi-crypto Exchange Traded Product ETP called HODL5.
10. December 2018
South Korean market analysis paper Cindicator states that the country is in the lead as the most crypto-friendly country looking at the latest development. According to the report South Korea is even leading country’s like Malta, Estonia, Japan, Switzerland and Singapore on this matter.

31. October 2018
A new businesses and analysts backed UK report calls the new government plans to regulate cryptocurrencies a “blunt instrument approach”. The repport contains heavy plans to regulate crypto which could have a major impact in the future of crypto.
22. October 2018
India is making quite a name for itself in the crypto community. The one day it is known as the country that wants to ban cryptocurrency the other it is known for the country that wants to launch its own stated-backed cryptocurrency once more getting a lot of attention from all over the crypto community.