31. October 2018
A new businesses and analysts backed UK report calls the new government plans to regulate cryptocurrencies a “blunt instrument approach”. The repport contains heavy plans to regulate crypto which could have a major impact in the future of crypto.

22. October 2018
India is making quite a name for itself in the crypto community. The one day it is known as the country that wants to ban cryptocurrency the other it is known for the country that wants to launch its own stated-backed cryptocurrency once more getting a lot of attention from all over the crypto community.

08. October 2018
A website which has potential for the future is Crypto table. Crypto Table generates crypto news from all over the internet including the big websites like Cointelegraph, Ccn and Coindesk. They also offer news from the smaller websites since these also offer Some interesting news story’s.

06. October 2018
One continent still remains undetermined, Africa. There is still a lot to win for crypto in Africa and there is a country that could lead the African crypto community. One of the most developed counties in the African continent is South Africa, and they have the option to play a big role in Africa’s future.

18. September 2018
We have not seen it in a long time a really positive day for crypto, but Wednesday the 12 it was there. Coins went up like on the end of December. Bitcoin went from 6.200 dollars to 6.550 and Ethereum saw a price rise of 20%. 

15. September 2018
People always have an argument why they think that cryptocurrency is bad. Most of the time it is because nobody can regulate it or that it is not based on anything but this is not the case with Kinesis.

13. September 2018
A civil servant working at the South Korean Financial Supervisory Service also known as the FSS named Yoon Suk-Heun has proposed that there should be better cooperation between the international authorities regarding crypto and ICO regulation. The verdict was made during the opening ceremony of the 20th FSS conference in Seoul with the aim of more cooperative opportunities.

06. September 2018
Governments only have one reason to ban cryptocurrency and now they are going to disarm that reason themselves. The National Police Station of Japan has announced that they will finance the development of a new software that would expose the people behind illegal crypto transactions.

27. August 2018
Everybody is talking about it, it has been all over the place, if you are even a little involved in the crypto world than it is impossible you missed it. The Ripple announcement of their new keynote speaker Bill Clinton.

23. August 2018
Sanford C. Bernstein & Co went to work. Their analysts have written a report called Crypto Trading - the Next Big Is Here? They show that many crypto exchanges have a hard time during the bear-market but also show that the presentation of cryptocurrency during the bear-market have attracted the attention of several Wall Street offices.

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